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Curriculum: Introduction

Big Break: Act and Sing Game is a game that supports emotion learning. It can have even more of an impact if therapists, parents and teachers engage in the game with the player, and talk to the player about emotions. The Big Break Club allows kids to gain even more social support in a group setting, switching between in-game emotion practice and real-life social interaction using acting, singing and group games.

The Big Break Club Materials include Big Break Badge stickers that the player can earn for participating in the club. If they need more/external motivation to play at home, parents could consider offering them a reward after each studio is completed (e.g., 5 minutes of a desirable activity). Many kids find the movie that is generated at the end of each level rewarding, because they get to see themselves acting out a scene. The player also earns coins for identifying emotions correctly.  Group leaders and parents can also encourage the player based on how many stars the player has earned after each studio. We recommend that a player complete a level (one entire studio) per day. Studios involve 4 rounds of acting out 2-5 videos per round, and identifying emotions in videos, or ranking the emotions in order of intensity. Kids are encouraged to play more studios per day as desired.

The club curriculum includes activities and mini-assignments, as well as a final show which allows kids to perform a small play in front of their parents or be recorded for future video playback. Scripts for the play will be made available so kids can practice.

The club also requires kids to look up emotion definitions using our companion app for iPhone and iPad: Big Break Emotions. This companion app is included in their Club Materials.

Imitation Therapy

The club and game are based in imitation therapy. The imitation therapy process starts with the therapist imitating movements and actions of the participant(s) to help them feel comfortable, engaged and heard. Over time they subtly encourage participants to start to imitate their own movements. Imitation-based games are incorporated into the club, in addition to group singing where the group can engage in synchronous movement through song.

Verbal Levels

The game caters to different levels of verbal ability. Verbal level can be customized on the iPad prior to gameplay, in the “Verbal Settings” Section. By default, all verbal levels are available. This version of the curriculum is designed for kids with some degree of verbal ability. The studios mentioned in the package are the full-sentence studios. This could be adjusted for a child with lower verbal ability.

Course Materials

The Slide Deck


The slide deck is where your lesson plans are located. A series of slides are provided to accompany each lesson, with notes as needed in the notes section. These slides lend themselves particularly to virtual learning as a shared presentation. 

Participant Workbooks


Participant workbooks are where kids can follow along, see the course schedule, collect their Big Break Badges, and keep track of their homework. These workbooks contain space for completing drawing exercises and the scripts for their end-of-term play.

Flash Cards                







A set of flash cards is included in each participant’s package. These flash cards contain still images of 7 basic emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Disgusted, Surprised, and Calm. Each emotion is presented at 2 levels: Mild and Intense, by male and female actors of varying ages. Kids can use these to practice identifying emotions, and they can also be tasked with putting emotions in order of intensity.

Big Break Emotions Poster

The Big Break Emotions Poster shows the big break game and characters, as well as examples of the 7 emotions focused on in the game. This can be hung in the space where the kids participate in the virtual club so they feel more like they are in the club atmosphere. The emotion pictures are intended to help with passive emotional expression learning.

Big Break Badge Stickers

The participant packages also come with a set of Big Break Badge stickers for parents to keep and award to kids when the club director lets them know they’ve earned a new one. There is a special place in their workbooks to place the badges. These badges reward kids for participating, and completing various milestones in the club and in the game. They are useful as behavioral tokens to help encourage appropriate behavior. In the slide deck you’ll see we offer badges and 2-minute-intervals of free iPad time as rewards for appropriate behavior. A heavy focus on the tokens and enforcing appropriate behavior is effective in interventions with this population.

Required Apps

The Big Break: Act & Sing Game

The Big Break: Act & Sing Game app is available in the Apple App Store. You will need an iPad or iPhone to play – best results are with an iPad. Before game play, parents should choose the child’s most suited verbal level in the Verbal Settings page. 

The Big Break: Emotions App

The Big Break: Emotions App is an emotion dictionary designed to accompany the Big Break game. Participants get access to this app as part of the curriculum package. They can look up particular emotions here. 

Program Evaluation Tools

We have program evaluation tools available if you would like to see how well your Big Break program is working. Kids and parents can complete questionnaires around the first and final session times, and the club leader can complete observational tasks throughout the club, to assess how well kids are responding. We would also be interested in providing guidance on this process for our own research about the game and the curriculum.

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